The Best Ways To Catch Bass In The Winter

Remember though that movements have to be slow and deliberate, so you can combine this point with the previous one for good results. However, this point will only work on clear waters. Murky waters will yield no results as bass go deep. There is no way you would be able to spot them.

Go deep. The bass will swim slowly around the bottom of the lake where the water is warmer. Even if the bass is hiding in the greenery, it will still be fairly deep so be sure to dangle your rod a little further down instead of remaining by the surface.
Use a buzzbait or another similar lure. Those that vibrate will attract the bass because they will sense the movement in the water. A torpedo is also an excellent lure. Both will create ripples in the water, which will then communicate that prey is in the area to the bass. If it remains in one place long enough then they will be sure to check it out.
Choose the lake carefully. You want to go to a sheltered lake wherever possible because the temperatures will not be as cold and thus the bass may move a little more. Any lake with a little tree cover will be a little more pleasant for you as well so you can have a better time of it, even if the bass do not bite.

Fish around banks and ledges because they will provide good cover for the bass and again the temperatures are not as low. The banks will provide a little shelter and keep the waters warmer, so bank fishing is a better idea than going out in a boat.

Of course, you could always cheat if you really do not like the idea of sitting on a freezing cold lake all day. There are artificially heated lakes now that allow good bass fishing all year round. Many of them are powered by coal and that is where you will find many of the experienced bass fishing enthusiasts that are not prepared to sit out in all weathers. The fish will be much more lively and your odds of getting a bite will be far higher. Try both options out though because some people prefer a regular lake. It provides a challenge after all!

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