White Bass Fishing

White bass fishing is quite a bit different from fishing for striped or black bass. To learn more about white bass fishing, just read on.

When you go white bass fishing in any lake, you will have great success in and around dams. These structures usually shut down and catch schools of white bass, leading to a gathering of the fish until it’s time to migrate for spawning again. Especially in warm waters like you find in Texas, this means that dam waters can provide excellent white bass fishing results throughout typically fruitless winter months when the bass are as dormant as this particular species can get.

In the past century, the white bass population has increased drastically with the infusion of young fry that grow quickly in the warm waters of Lake Lewisville, north of Dallas, where thirteen fish from Caddo Lake were taken for breeding in 1932, and their native Caddo Lake. Now, these fish swim rampantly throughout the lakes and river systems all across the great state. Aside from black bass fishing, white bass fishing is the number one choice of anglers in the state, and there are plenty of bass fishing competitions throughout Texas to prove it.

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