San Diego Bass Fishing

San Vicente Reservoir has gained a reputation for bass fishing over the years. The lake is well known for bass fishing but also for the blue catfish that was caught there back in 2000, which weighed in at one hundred and one pounds. Now that was a fish to write home about. The trophy bass are also located in this lake. Fishing from shore or from a boat is allowed on the lake. You can use a simple nightcrawler and a hook to catch the big bass in the lake. Bass fishing could not get any simpler than that.

The bass fishing at Lake Jennings is at a high as well. The lake is known for some nice trophy bass. Although the lake is good for bass fishing, there is a problem starting to arise in this lake and San Vicente Reservoir. The Quagga mussels have appeared so the DNR is asking everyone who uses their own boats to take proper precautions or this could have a devastating affect on the future of fishing in the lake.

If you are looking for some great bass fishing in the San Diego area, these lakes will provide you with some nice catches. You should be able to use one or two different baits in any of the lakes to catch bass. Bass are a simple fish to catch because they are found in some shoreline areas most of the time. It is still good to listen to the updated fishing reports to see when and where the fish are biting. This will only improve your chances of catching a big fish or maybe even the trophy bass.

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