Where should I bass fish in Toho, FL?

I’ll be down in Toho, Florida, and I aim to catch some bass. Any recommendations on technique and location?

if you happen to be taking a trip to the Sunshine State in the very near future then be sure to take your bass fishing gear with you because you ill find some excellent lakes down there and your vacation will definitely be enhanced by a little time spent at lakeside! Lake Toho, or Tohopekaliga to give it its full name, is an excellent lake to spend a day if you do want to take in a lttle bass fishing action. A haven for both recreational and tournament bass fishing enthusiasts, Lake Toho has some of the biggest bass in the state and, by usingthe right tools and the right techniques, you can catch them. in fact, the bass are so abundant on the lake that you can have a very productive day indeed! The spring is the best time for catching them but summer and early autumn are also good times for a spot of fishing in the lake. If you like life in a boat out on the lake then by all means go for it, but fishing forbass slightly inshore will often reap greater rewards. They tend to hide away from the sun in the vegetation that is native to the area, like the hydrilla. The likelihood is that you will have a degree of success no matter where you fish though and what you use, but plastic baits are usually very successful. Worms are perhaps the favourite of many old pros. Try to flip them along the vegetation of the banks. if you are haing little success on a prticular day when using plastic baits, try jerkbaits or spinnerbaits instead!

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