Where can I go bass fishing in Austin, Texas?

Can you give me some good areas in austin texas for bass fishing?

Austin in Texas is one of the best areas in the United States to go for a spot of bass fishing. There is a wealth of lakes, rivers, pools and private pools that you could go to to fish and get your fix, whether that is on a bass fishing trip or on a day to day basis if you live in the area. The first lake you might want to visit is Lake Austin. It is the biggest lake in the area and is an absolute haven for bass fishing enthusiasts because the population of bass is extremely healthy! There is plenty of vegetation and excellent spots from which to fish so you can relax and enjoy yourself there for a few hours. The lake itself is large so you can choose to go out on a boat or fish near the shore. It is completely up to you. A second lake that you may want to try is LBJ. It is not as big as Lake Austin in terms of the sheer surface area but it is relatively enclosed so it will make an excellent bass fishing experience no matter what the weather. Again, there is a lot of vegetation there so this can prove somewhat of a challenge in winter but it certainly makes the lake interesting! The population of bass is plentiful there as well so you can have a great experience no matter when you go. Finally, you may like to try Lake Travis. It is completely different to Austin and LBJ and is probably more apt for beginners than those two. However, it is a good spot to fish no matter what your level of experience. There is very little vegetation and it is much smaller so it provides a cosier environment for a fishing trip with your buddies.

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