Where are the best locations for bass fishing in Connecticut?

Where are the best locations for bass fishing in connecticut?

If you live in Connecticut and are a bass fishing enthusiast then you are one lucky person because it is one of the most plentiful places to fish for bass. Every single fishing lake in the Connecticut area contains bass, in amongst other species of fish of course! As such, you can just head to the nearest one to you and find some excellent bass action. However, if you are looking for the best ones to visit then the following may be of interest to you. Bantam Lake is one of the most popular bass fishing lakes in Connecticut. It is 1,200 acres of pure fishing action and is often listed amongst the favourite lakes of regulars in the area. It is located in Mantam and is easy enough to get to without much hassle. It also has a nice blend of clear waters and vegetative areas so it is perfect fo fishing all year round. Candlewood Lake is also extremely popular with the bass fishing crowd. It has an area of 2,800 acres and is located close to New Milford. It is also close to the 1,900 acre Lake Lillinonah. Both are incredible in terms of the bass population there and they attract out of state visitors as well as those living locally. As a result, it can get criwded there in the high season. As such, be there early if you want a good spot. You can fish from the shore or head out onto the lake in a boat if you visit either one.

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