What’s The Best Way To Fish The Everglades For Bass?

What’s the best way to fish the everglades for bass?

The Everglades in South Florida provide a wonderful spot for bass fishing, no matter your age or level of bass fishing expertise. It is the home of many a largemouth bass so you could happily head down there and enjoy a weekend fishing with a good catch average! There are ways and means of catching the bass that can be followed by any bass fishing enthusiast for great results! Firstly, try fishing from a boat and not from the banks because the bass are used to a fair amount of water traffic and will take little notice of it. They will congregate in the middle of the water if they are travelling in schools and will seek out the vegetation if not because of the heat. This is also why the best time to catch bass is between November and June. Not only are the temperatures cooler but the water is lower so you can get a better view of them and do not have to fish as deep! You may find that you have more success with artificial baits than real bait in the Everglades. Crank baits and buzz baits are usually the most successful, but I have found the buzz bait to be particularly fruitful because the vibration attracts the bass’ interest. This will often lead to a greater haul for the day! However, you should try out your established techniques and see if they work for you because the Everglades are certainly diversein terms of the vegetation and depth. Try out several techniques and then use the best one!

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