What top weedless lures should I use in Florida? I recently fished the Trout Creek.

I just moved here from New Jersey. I always fish with a surface lure mainly a weedless frog. What is your choice of top weedless lures for Florida? I fecently fished the Trout Creek. Thank you for your time. Joe

The best topwater weedless lure would be the walk the dog style or the chuggers. The weedless spoons with a grub tail will also work. The area you fish is going to determine what you use, but these three seem to be the most popular in all the areas. I have to tell you that bass fishing in Florida is exceptional. I have heard of some nice sized fish coming from the rivers and lakes. They are getting the bass with topwater weedless lures and crankbaits. I have a good feeling about the bass fishing in Florida this year. I do not know about Trout Creek first hand, but the other lakes and rivers have record amounts of bass this year. The anglers say that the fishing has never been better. They are catching bass in shallow waters as well as deeper waters. This is a little unusual since bass usually move deeper when the water temperatures rise. The abundance of bass has made Florida very popular with bass fishing. I think you have moved to a great area for bass fishing. You are going to find that there are other places to fish besides the Trout Creek. There are some good guide services down in Florida as well. I do not think you will need a service though because there are plenty of places you can fish from a small boat or in some places right from the banks. Just use some of the suggested topwater weedless lures and you should have no problems taking home a daily catch.

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