What location is best for smallmouth bass on lakes?

Where is the best place on the lake to fish for Smallmouth Bass in the summer?

The type of water you’re fishing in will dictate where you’ll find the Smallmouth Bass in the summer.  In a deep lake, for example, the Bass tend to move away from the shore and towards structure in deep water.  As the temperature of the water gets up towards the 70’s and 80’s, you’ll find them anywhere from 15 to 45 feet deep.  In some areas, they may even be deeper.  While they may be difficult to find, if you’re lucky enough to pinpoint their locations, Smallmouth Bass in deep water will be aggressive.  Since they don’t often see a lot of bait at this depth, odds are you’ll be able to catch your limit quickly.  Many of the professionals win tournaments because they’ve mastered the fishing of these spots.  After dark, the Smallmouth will move back into the shallower water to feed.  Areas that have rocky banks with close to a 45-degree slope are usually fairly close to deep water and will provide good fishing.  You can also try the channel breaks and/or any point that has access to deep water.  If you’re planning a fishing trip for Smallmouth Bass during the summer months, you might be better off to head south.  Lakes with strong currents will also provide cooler water temperatures and a higher probability of finding the Smallmouth Bass.

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