What is different about catching spotted bass?

How does the Spotted Bass compare to the Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass?

The Spotted Bass actually lands right between the Largemouth and the Smallmouth Bass when you consider certain characteristics.  Also known as Kentucky Bass, the Spotted Bass doesn’t grow as large as the Largemouth but it’s appearance is similar.  Some believe the taste of the Spotted Bass is actually preferable to the Largemouth.  The Spotted Bass  has the smaller mouth of the Smallmouth Bass but does not have the vertical bar markings on their sides.  Instead, the Spotted Bass sport rows of spots below the lateral line, hence their name.  The Spotted Bass  prefers to stick to small and medium sized streams and are seldom found in natural lakes.  They may be present in reservoirs and clean, slow-moving rivers.  Spotted Bass will never enter muddy water.  The Spotted Bass feeds on aquatic insects, baitfish and crayfish.  The world record for the largest Spotted Bass was set 1987 in California with a 9 lb. 4 oz. fish. Spotted Bass are often overlooked among Bass fishermen yet are known to be just an exciting of a catch.  The Spotted Bass is a strong fighter that prefers to feed at night.  Grubs, worms, spinner baits, blade baits and crank baits are good lures to use when fishing for the Spotted Bass.

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