What are the best techniques for catching Bass in the spawn?

Are there certain techniques for fishing spawning Bass that work better than others?

Most serious Bass fishermen tend to leave the Bass alone during spawning.  If we’re not practicing good conservation techniques, with the increasing popularity of Bass fishing, we’re eventually going to create a demand that overruns the supply.  If, however, you are planning to fish during the spawning season, the best lures are in the reeds are spinner baits and soft plastic baits while top water baits work best on the on the edges of the reed beds.  An important thing to keep in mind during the spawning season is that if a cold front develops after the Bass have moved into the spawning areas, they won’t head back to deep water but will instead move deep into the heavy cover and vegetation.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to target these areas using jigs and worms.  Bedding Bass may play with your bait while not actually taking it,  Gitzits work well in this scenario.  The color of your lure will not make any difference to the Bass at this point in time so use bright baits that you can see.  Once the spawning has ended, Bass will usually spend about two weeks recovering from the ordeal before they begin feeding again.  You can often find post-spawn Bass suspended under log booms or boat docks close to the spawning area.

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