3 Tips Bass Fishing Lake Norman

The best technique to use will mainly depend on whether or not you’re fishing from the shoreline or a boat, how far out on the lake you travel and which type of bass you’re seeking out. There is no way to say that any one specific technique will work better than another because there are so many variables to consider. The best thing to do is go out and start experimenting to find the best technique for you personally.

Best Bass Fishing Baits

When you use the right bait for bass fishing you can greatly improve your success rate and reel in a nice catch. The bass is an aggressive species but they won’t waste their time on anything that doesn’t appeal to them. You can use live baits when fishing for bass and some of the best options include shad, shiners, bream and herring.

If you’re using soft plastic baits then grubs, worms, lizards, tube baits and jerkbaits are excellent choices. Hard baits that work well when bass fishing include jigs, topwater lures, spoons, vibrating lures, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits.

Size is also important because you need to match the lure to the size of bass you’re seeking out. If you’re after a trophy fish, then you need to use large baits. This is the only thing that will get their attention because they won’t usually waste their time chasing after something small. It will also prevent the small bass from taking the bait because they won’t go after anything that is too large.

The 3 tips for bass fishing on Lake Norman listed above can help to increase your chances of reeling in a nice catch. Still, nothing beats practice. The more you go out on the lake fishing, the better you’ll learn how the bass respond during different times and what methods work the best for you. Take every opportunity you get to enjoy some great bass fishing on Lake Norman relaxing and having fun.

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  1. john collins says:

    Going on vacation on lake norman in north carolina, Whats the best bait to use and can u catch shad or shiners in the lake ?

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