Three smallmouth bass fishing secrets for Ontario, Canada

Smallmouth bass fishing in Ontario, Canada is amazing, which is why so many anglers travel to this area just to fish. The smallmouth is one of the most popular bass species sought out today and they will put up a very strong fight when hooked. They were named smallmouth because their mouth is much smaller than the largemouth bass but they are very similar in other ways.
It’s important to know that fishing in Ontario is more challenging than fishing in some of the other states because the water is so much colder. This makes the bass more sluggish so they don’t respond in the same way they do in some of the warmer states. If you’re not expecting this when you go fishing, then you may assume the bass fishing is not that great.
It’s up to you to entice the bass to take the bait. You have to get their attention and make them want the bait before they’ll exert the energy to come after it. Once you figure out what gets their attention, you can have a very productive fishing trip and return home with an excellent catch.
Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing Secrets
When fishing in Ontario, the first thing that you need to know is where to look for the smallmouth bass. Two of the best places to start your adventure would be in the southern parts of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie because these are known for having a good population of bass. The water is warmer in these areas so the bass are more active than they will be further north.
Here are three smallmouth bass fishing secrets to use in these waters:
1. Look for the bass around ledges where there is a sharp drop-off. They usually hang out around these areas because the food supply is more plentiful and easier for them to get. All fish tend to stay where there is a good food source. You can also fish in the deeper parts of the water where it will be a little warmer so the bass will be more active.
2. Some of the best live bait to use is minnows, crawfish and hellgrammites. If you use artificial lures, use streamer flies and plastic worms that resemble minnows. Buzzbait is also a good one to try because the vibrations will get the attention of the bass and draw them in your direction.
3. Have lots of patience when fishing for this species. This is more important when fishing the waters in Ontario than it is in other places because if you move around too much, you can disturb the routine of the bass. If this happens, the bass will hide the rest of the day and you won’t get any bites. Plan to spend about forty-five minutes to an hour in each spot and then if you don’t catch any bass, carefully move to a new location.
The smallmouth bass will hang out in groups of fish that are similar in size. Therefore, when you catch one you can expect the others in the same group to be around the same size. This information will help you choose the right size bait so you can get more bites.
Techniques and Tips for Catching Smallmouth Bass in Ontario
You can use the same techniques when seeking out this species in Ontario, as you would use anywhere else. Anglers toll, drift fish, fly-fish, vertical fish and cast for bass in these waters. However, ice fishing is gaining in popularity because anglers are discovering how much fun and productive it can be. It’s a good idea to try a variety of techniques because it will increase the number of bites you get and thus, increase the number of fish you can catch. The best technique to use will depend on when and where you’re fishing.
Your presentation is very important when fishing for bass. They are a smart species that can see and hear well. If the bait is moving in an unnatural way are moving too fast, they will ignore it. They will also scare easily if you make a lot of noise. So, keep your voices down and don’t beat and bang against anything.
Once you hook a bass be ready for fight. They struggle and fight hard to get loose and if you’re not prepared for the fight, they may succeed. Keep your tackle in good shape and invest in good quality fishing line. It would be very upsetting to have a nice size bass on the end of your line and then watch it swim off because the fishing line broke.
Once you get the hang of it and learn how the bass respond in this cooler climate, you’ll discover the fishing is great and understand why so many anglers visit Ontario, Canada just to go bass fishing. The extra challenge makes it even more rewarding when you do catch one because you know you earned that catch.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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