Three Secrets to Fish Largemouth Bass

3.     Fish docks that have a good deal of brush under and around them. The largemouth bass love these areas as they are great spots to find food. The natural feeding grounds will be an almost guarantee at some really decent size fish. One of the best types of bait that would be good in this type of area would be the finesse worm.

All you need to do is cast out and allow the worm to entice the largemouth bass into striking it. You will want to jig it just a bit in order for it to attract the attention of the largemouth bass. When you feel the bass take the bait, you should set the hook before you reel it in.

There are other variables that you should look for when choosing the dock you are going to fish at. Not only do you want to have a good amount of vegetation, but you also want to have an area where the fish would naturally run. When you can gauge this on the lake you are fishing, then you just need to find the dock that meets your criteria.

If you take these three secrets to fish largemouth bass to heart, you will increase your fishing enjoyment. Remember that the lakes will have a larger population of largemouth bass. There will be two reasons that largemouth bass are fished. First is for the trophy and the second is for the taste. But the bottom line is that largemouth bass are simply fun to land.

Also try to find lakes that are not overly fished. If you are competing with a lot of other anglers then you will not get as many fish. Off the beaten path lakes are the best option for largemouth bass.

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