The Delights of Orlando Bass Fishing!

The Climate and Related Techniques

Florida weather is generally warm and humid. The Orlando high is 92 degrees in summer, whereas the low is only 51 degrees in winter. As a result, the bass in Orlando are more active than they may be elsewhere. Many bass fishing enthusiasts from the north will actually head south for a winter bass fishing vacation in order to get away from the extreme temperatures and slow fishing action. That is not to say that winter does not have an impact on the bass fishing in Florida because it does. The bass will still experience lows in body temperature that are related to the temperature of the water, as every single bass does regardless of where they are located. Although the winter fishing is indeed much slower than the spring and summer bass fishing, it can still be a pleasant experience as long as you know how to modify your technique.

You must fish slowly with a smooth action in winter in order to gain the attention of the bass and entice them to bite. This is the same as with any other place. However, the waters do tend to be much clearer so you strategically plan your onslaught! It is easy to position yourself above the deepest areas of the lakes and fish deep. In summer, you can try out any technique that you like. You can use any tackle, baits and lures that you feel comfortable with and still have a certain degree of success.

Your Bass Fishing Options

The nature of the lakes is such that they can accommodate all styles and techniques involved and associated with bass fishing. You can fish from the banks of some of the lakes or indeed from a boat in the middle of them. There are indeed many boat hire companies available, including some expert guides as well so you can access all of the best fishing haunts and benefit from their knowledge of the bass in the area. If you are a beginner or intermediate level bass fishing enthusiast then this is perhaps one of the best options for you. However, no matter what, you will most definitely enjoy the delights of Orlando bass fishing and plan your return trip soon after leaving the area! The sheer variety is addictive and extremely enjoyable no matter what time of year you visit! The bass fishing capital of the world awaits you!

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