The Brighter The Colour The Better The Catch?

Is there a lure color that Smallmouth Bass seem to prefer?

When it comes to fishing for smallmouth bass, the equipment is just as important as the technique. An effective lure can make all the difference between catching five smallmouth bass and catching fifty. Yes, it is that important! There are various things that you can choose in a lure that make it more effective, and colour is most definitely one of them.

However, there is not one colour that smallmouth bass prefer. They will bite regardless of the colour used on any given day. Despite this, the colour of the lures you use does matter, but in a completely different way!

The effectiveness of a lure can often be attributed to the colour, but that is not to say that the same coloured lures should be used in all conditions, all year round. This is not the case. You would notice a marked difference between the same lure if you used it in murky waters and then again in clear ones. This is all down to the light and the way it interacts with the lure.

For example, if you use a dull lure in murky waters then you would have far less smallmouth bass biting than if you used a bright coloured lure. This example serves to highlight just how important the colour is.

In short, you should use bright coloured lures, like red or yellow for example, in clear or slightly coloured waters because they will appear clearly in the water and will prove more attractive. In clear waters on murky days, however, dark targets are far better because there will be a solid block against the water for them to aim for.  However, if the sun is shining then lures that are metallic, like those that are blue or silver, can be used to great effect because they will reflect the sun and this givs them a life-like quality that will attract the bass. Rotating will give you far better results and really enhance your fishing time!

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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