The Best Western Hemisphere Bass Fishing Haunts

Where do you think is the best place to fly fish for largemouth bass in the western hemisphere? And who would you recommend as a guide? I can be reached at 304-541-3932 or at [email protected] Thank you for your help! Will Carter

It is wholly difficult to specify one single place that is better for bass fishing than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere because the best locatioon will actually vary from person to person, depending on his or her preferences and the nature of the fishing at any given time. Assuming that it is summer, any bass fishing enthusiast may like to try these locations: Panama – Although Panama is known for its peacock bass population, it also has a good few lakes for largemouth bass as well. Panama City and its waters are especially good for bass fishing and there are many companies that offer a charter boat services so you can make a day of it. Of course, you can always fish for sharks if you get bored with bass! Texas – There are many lakes around the Texas area that have good largemouth populations. Some of the lakes are actually designed for largemouth bass fishing and have a number of amenities whereas others are natural lakes that bass fishermen and women tend to love if they have a few years experience under their belts. Lake Fork deserves a special mention because it is considered one of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States. Ontario – Finally, Ontario has a great largemouth bass population and is a popular destination for day trips and bass fishing holidays. Southern Ontario offers a number of back lakes that are not generally highly populated during the summer because few people know about them. There are various fly-in camps that you can attend though so you have access!

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