The Best Cold Water Lures!

I’m planning on doing some cold water bass fishing. What lure would you suggest using?

It is a fact that bass are cold water creatures and their body temperatures actually adapt to their surroundings, as do their bodily functions. This includes their ability to feed. Bass do not need to feed as much in colder waters because it takes their systems far longer to digest it… up to four days per meal in 50 degree waters in fact! As a result, they become more inactive and less likely to biteso the average bass fishing enthusiast has to be cunning and do all he or she can to attract that attention of the cold water bass! The best way, and most effective way, to do this is via choosing the right lure! There are many different lures out there that can bring you success, including the following: Suspending jerkbait is extremely effective because certain jerkbait perfectly mimics minnows and can lure bass out of the most inactive of states if handles correctly.It will mimic the patterns of the water, which gives them realistic movement, as well as glinting in the sun if that happens to be out. Grubs are also very popular because they can catch bass in any conditions or temperatures. They have some of the best success rates going and so are well worth a try. Certain grubs are extremely lifelike but a little extra colour will do the trick so use chartreuse as well to attract the attention of the lethargic bass. This technique is best used in the spring when temperatures are slightly higher than in winter because you will have a much better chance of getting a bass to move!

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