Spring Bass Fishing

Spinnerbaits are extremely effective for spring bass fishing, especially in these Texas lakes where the waters warm early in the season and bass become quite active, looking for food to pique their appetite. Because you are aiming for big fish, this is the time to pull out your big lures to catch their attention and weed out any fish too small to partake.

For gear, you’ll always want to use medium-heavy action reels and something on the heavy side for a rod. While it is important to keep your gear as light as possible, spring bass fishing is about the monsters that can tear to shreds any gear that is too lightweight. Baitcasting and spinning reels will both do the trick, but make sure that they are capable of holding 20 or 30 pound monofilament or 50 pound braided line. Again, don’t overload your precious arms, as you’ll be casting many times and you’ll need to have the strength to fight a monster into the boat. However, be prepared for 12+ pounders in these lakes, especially if you are looking for your first trophy. Wherever you go spring bass fishing, take a variety of lures along, since the one that catches the eye of the biggies is unpredictable. Above all else, be ready for a real workout and a lot of fun!

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