Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Warm Waters

If the temperature is around 80 degrees – do Smallmouth Bass move to deep water?

Smallmouth bass, like every other member of the bass family, are cold blooded. They respond to the water in terms of how quickly and how much they move. As a direct result of that they do not move as much in colder termperatures because they are takig on less oxygen and they do not have to find as much to eat because their digestion slows down. As such, they actually ove to the bottom of a lake or river to access the slightly warmer waters there in order to shelter from the cold. They also sit in sheltered areas. However, this means exactly the opposite for warmer waters! When water temperatures hit 70 degrees and above, the smallmouth bass are at their most lively and abundant. The warm water will encourage them to move around looking for food, and your bait should be right there for them to take. However, they will be nearer the surface where the water is warmer. The sun will warm up the top water and thus this is where the smallmouth bass will go. They will never go deep in summer. Another reason why the smallmouth bass will stay nearer the top of the water in warmer weather is the fact that the temperature will attract any number of small insects and fish to the top waters, meaning that there is plenty of prey for the smallmouth bass to go for! They will always go where the food is so look for them closer to the surface and tailor your fishing style to that. You will almost certainly get a catch then!

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