Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass Spawning

Do Smallmouth Bass spawn at the same time as the Largemouth Bass?

Both the Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass spawn around the same time of year, but this does not mean they spawn at exactly the same "time", so what differences are there?

First lets talk about similarities…..

The Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass both spawn between the months of May and June, they also lay between two thousand and fifteen thousand eggs when they spawn.

Normally the male of both species will build a nest between two feet and twenty feet (normally in shallower depths), this nest will be built from sand and gravel, circular in size normally about twice the size of the male himself.

The male will guard the nest in a six feet radius and try to catch the eye of a female that is ready to spawn, once he has found his mate and the eggs are laid, the eggs will hatch within two to four days. Once the eggs are hatched the male Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass will look after the young for two weeks until they flee the nest and try to make it on their own in the big bad waters.

The one big difference…

There is only one difference in spawning times between the Smallmouth Bass and the Largemouth Bass, this difference is the water temperature.

The Smallmouth Bass lays their eggs whent he water temperature reaches between fifty five and sixty five degrees fahrenheit (twelve and a half to eighteen and a half degrees Celsius).

The Largemouth bass lays their eggs when the water temperature reaches between sixty five and seventy five degrees fahrenheit (eighteen and a half degrees to twenty four degrees Celsius).

This difference makes a small time difference in the spawning times of a matter of days or at most weeks as each fish type waits for the water temperature to reach the right level for them to spawn.

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