Size of lure

Does the size of the bait have anything to do with the size of the fish you catch?

The size of bait you use certainly has an impact on the size of fish you catch.  The impact can be positive or negative depending on your preferences.


It is certain that if you use a large bait that you will not catch fish that are too small to attack it.  This is especially true of Largemouth Bass.  Using a large crankbait will certainly eliminate six inch long bass from attacking your lure. 


It is a bit of a different answer when applied the opposite direction.  You can and will catch very large bass on very small lures.  I have caught massive Largemouth Bass in Minnesota and Kentucky using small crappie jigs.


What you need to consider in this situation and all situations you fish is what the largemouth Bass are currently feeding on.  If you are fishing a shallow water lake in Florida and see Largemouth Bass surface feeding on insects it is a good bet that a large lure is not required to catch a large bass.


Consider this scenario though.  You are fishing a deepwater point in a lake in Northern Minnesota.  You know this lake hold Largemouth Bass in the 6-8 pound weight class.  These are massive Largemouth Bass for this area of the country.   In this condition you can safely assume the Largemouth Bass main forage is other fish, mainly bluegills.  Bluegills grow fast and large in this area, much larger than the average lure in your box.  To catch the largest Largemouth Bas sin these conditions you may need to use a large lure.  I have caught large bass in these conditions with large spoons normally used for Northern Pike.


Remember always to observe the situations and consider the conditions you are fishing.  To catch the bass you need to think like the bass and act accordingly.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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