Sea Bass Fishing – Types of bass caught in saltwater, and how to catch them

Plastic worms can even produce better results than you might expect so it is always a good idea to carry a few of these with you at all times. If nothing else seems to be working you can give these a try. Bait scents is an option that many anglers use to help draw the bass in their direction although, this is not a good choice for everyone.

For fishing in clear water you will find that wacky worms and top water plugs will acquire great results. The closer you get the bait to the fish the more bites you will receive so it is important to use techniques that get you up close with the sea bass.
Best Techniques

Sea bass can be found around piers, bridges, ledges and grassy areas. Once you find a good fishing spot the best fishing techniques used for catching sea bass are trolling, drifting and anchoring. These three techniques allow you to get close enough to the sea bass to present your bait and lure them your way without scaring them off in the process. It will also help you gain the proper depth and the speed you need to get the best results.

Consider the size of the sea bass that are located in the area in which you are fishing. This is more important than you might imagine because the size of the fish you are after determines the size of the rod, hook and bait that you will need to use. It also determines the type of reel and line weight that you need to use. The larger the bass, the stronger your equipment will need to be.

Having a variety of lures, bait and different techniques to use will ensure your success. You never really know what to expect when sea bass fishing so you need to be prepared for anything. Regardless of what bait or technique you use, your presentation is vital to your success. It is a good idea to practice different forms of presentations whenever possible so you will be ready when out on the water. After all, you have to get the attention of the sea bass before you will be able to catch them.

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