River Bass Fishing

Sloughs and feeder creeks are also great places to look for good river bass fishing, especially during spawning season. Many bass will choose to branch off into these to lay their eggs, if there is sufficient depth to do so. While bass prefer to lay their eggs in the shallows, they do require at least two to three feet of water for spawning. If you find a creek or slough that is at least ten feet deep, you can place a good bet that there will be bass in it year round.

For the best river bass fishing, work the deeper pools during daytime, as bass will head back into slightly deeper waters to avoid heavy sunlight and waters getting too warm. In the evenings and at night, or in the early morning, your best bet is in the shallows closer to the bank, especially on the inside curves near the sandbars. These are favorite feeding locations where they can ambush prey late at night.

River bass fishing is not a difficult sport by any means. There are always bass to be caught in the river, and as long as you know where your targets should be, you can have an excellent response and take home plenty of poundage for a good fish fry!

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