Oklahoma Bass Fishing

Best Locations for Bass Fishing in Oklahoma

There are many wonderful locations where you can go bass fishing in Oklahoma such as Grand Lake in Green Country. This lake is considered to be one of the best lakes in Oklahoma that has the right type of environment for holding bass tournaments. The reason it is so popular is because it has the perfect habitat for this species with many rocks, brush and docks where the bass can live and thrive. This lake has both dark and clear water so a variety of techniques can be used successfully.

Fort Gibson Lake is excellent for bass fishing in Oklahoma. Bass tend to bite much better in flowing water like what you will find in this lake. If the largemouth bass is what you are searching for you will find plenty of them located in the shallow parts of this lake. The Carolina rig is recommended for fishing in Gibson Lake as it works extremely well.

Other locations in Oklahoma that are great for bass fishing include Lake Tenkiller, Verdigris River, McGee Creek, Keystone Lake, Lake Lawtonka, Skiatook Lake and Wes Watkins Lake. You can find many pro bass fishermen on the lakes and rivers of Oklahoma because of the great fishing opportunities you can find here to catch all types of bass.

When you go bass fishing you should search for the bass in areas that are shady, grassy, under bridges and around ledges or docks. If you have the equipment available it is always a wonderful idea to take along a GPS system to help you locate the bass faster. This is especially true if you are not familiar with the area. The more often you go bass fishing the more your techniques will improve. You will learn which lures and tackle work the best in different types of situations. Each fishing trip is a learning experience that will help make the next one even more successful.

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