Winter Fishing Bass Tips – The Bite against the Odds

If you do want to prove yourself as a bass fisherman or woman then winter is the best time to do it because your skill and ingenuity could get you that elusive catch. However, you should be well prepared for the inevitable as well – if you do not get a catch then you need to rethink your game. But the following tips should help you tremendously in your bass fishing expedition…

Tip One – Know Where to Fish – Fishing for bass is all about knowing exactly where to find the fish because they tend to look for various different places depending on the season. This tip actually applies for all seasons and not just winter because knowing where they will be and heading there to fish is perhaps the most relevant tip all year round. However, it applies more in winter owing to their lack of movement. Bass will, more often than not, go for deep waters, banks and ledges. In other words, they go where they can seek refuge from the cold. As a result, you can track them and set up in the right spot.

Tip Two– Cheat! – If all else fails then try winter fishing in a warm lake. There are some out there, even when the temperature hits the forties! There are certain pools and lakes that are kept warm during winter via coal power plants. These bass fishing lakes are becoming more and more popular because the demand for bass fishing is beginning to rise all over the world. The pools and lakes that are heated draw in huge volumes of people during the winter months and this is largely because the fishing is pretty similar to how it is during spring, summer and fall. The fish are eager to bite and the fishermen and women are eager to get in as a result. So remember, next time you are sat on a freezing body of water having no luck at all with the bass, if all else fails, cheat!

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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