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When fishing for Largemouth Bass what type of line should I use?

I would start by recommending you use monofilament line rather than a braided power line or fluorocarbon line. I prefer to use line that is colored dull green. I believe this color line is harder for a Largemouth Bass to see, resulting in more strikes.


The key question then becomes what weight line to use.  I always use the lightest line I can get away with safely. I love to fish with light line. I often use 6lb or even 4lb line on my reels.  The only time I will use much heavier line is when I fish conditions that require me to “horse” a fish around obstructions.  For my taste the experience is much better using light line.


You need to ask yourself first what kind of experience you want.  If your only concern is putting fish in the boat then by all means use 12-14 pound line. You will not cast as far but if you have a good rod you will cast long enough and should never lose a fish due to line breakage.  If however you prefer a more sporting experience you should try light (4-6 lb) line.  With heavy line lets face it once the fish is hooked it is not difficult to catch it. With light line however it becomes a real battle. Set your drag too loose and the fish creates slack in the line and can throw the hook.  Set it too tight and a big bass will break your line and get free that way. 


Using light line makes you a true sportsman in my opinion.  Just be sure to have a good reel with a smooth drag.  You also want a rod that handles a fight well.  Heavy line allows you to use inferior equipment. Light line demands you have properly greased reels and a good rod blank that will allow you to fight the fish properly.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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