Largemouth Bass Fishing

One good largemouth bass fishing technique is to swim craw cranks along the bottom. Crawfish are a very important source of food for many bass, especially in the fall, when bass are returning to deeper waters to suspend and become inactive for the winter. During this time, the crawfish, which are bottom dwellers, are busy burrowing into the sandy and dirt bottoms of the lakes for the winter, and bass can find them in abundance to fatten up for the coming winter. While not as productive in spring and early summer, your later summer and fall largemouth bass fishing expeditions can benefit from using these plastic imitations, especially in murkier water and with a bottom bouncing technique.

In the summer, bass are less picky about their food, hungry, and ready to bit just about anything that is presented to them as active, opportunistic feeders. However, with these largemouth bass fishing techniques, you can have a successful outing any time of the year. Be sure to pack a variety of baits and lures, just in case you run into any difficulty and need to change it up, and you can have a great time largemouth bass fishing anytime!

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