I live in Virginia and I am a die-hard bass angler. Are there any bass fishing clubs in Virginia that are taking members?

I live in Virginia and I’m a die hard bass fisherman. Are there any bass fishing clubs in Virginia that are taking members?

In Virginia, you will find over fifteen fishing clubs for bass anglers. I have not found one that does not take new members unless sit is a private club for a certain area. There is the Blue Ridge Mountain Bass Club, Cardinal Bassmasters, Fairfax Bass, Country Boy Bassmasters and Lake Chesdin Bass Club to name just a few. The best way to find the right club for yourself is to visit a website catering to Virginia Bass Fishing Clubs, go through the list, see which one is close to your area, and then apply to the club. This would be the best way to find the right club. I could go through the list to see which one fits your needs, but then I do not know where you live nor do I want to join the club, which is the next step to finding out of they will accept you or not. I think it is great that you have an interest in joining one or more of the clubs. It is a great way to meet other anglers and talk fishing without any interruptions. Just check out a few of the clubs and I am sure you will find a club that will be a great experience for you. The clubs are a great way to stay on top of the bass fishing in Virginia and see what else you can learn. Many clubs also have some tournaments and other functions for the group and local area anglers.

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