I just moved to Ontario and I am wondering if there are any region specific bass fishing tips for this area?

I just moved to Ontario and am wondering if there are any region specific bass fishing tips for this area?

All I can tell you is that the lower have of the region is a gold mine for smallmouth bass. Although this area is still a little unknown, it is a haven for bass anglers. Use some shiners to bait the bass. There are schools of shiners everywhere and where the shiners are the bass are found. The waters are clear, so you have to cast and slowly reel in the line. You do not want to make a disturbance in the water. The bass will scatter and so will the baitfish. If you are fishing on the Lake Erie side, you will find the bass twenty feet down by the rocky humps. You can just drop the bait in front of the bass and get some bites. It is not uncommon for anglers to catch their fills with a simple setup. A shiner and sinker to get the bait down in the water. It is possible to fish from shore later at night, but during the day fishing from a boat works the best. Basically, when the bass are active in the area, cast and reel back in. When the bass are less active, do a vertical drop. If the skies are overcast and it is windy, use a top water lure. Poppers work the best for this weather condition. Keep these two fishing techniques in mind and you should have a good day of fishing for bass in Ontario. The weather changes from day to day, so study the weather and use the best technique for that day.

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