I am going to a clear lake in the middle coastal range in Maine and the water is just warming up so where should I look for bass?

I am going to a clear lake in the middle coastal range in Maine. It is from 20 to 40 feet deep in one half, 80 in another, and had a large cove about 7 to 20 feet. The bottom is mostly rocky and water is still a little cold. Where should I look for fish and what lures should I use?

The waters in Maine are perfect for bass fishing, especially if you are planning to head out on the waters now. A clear lake is the ideal habitat for smallmouth and largemouth bass at this time of year, especially one that you can track bass in so knowing where to look for bass is key. There are several places that should be a priority, depending on where you fish from. If you prefer to fish from the shore or from a landing stage on the lake then fishing under structures and rocky outcrops is perfect for this time of year. The bass will seek waters that are stable in terms of their temperature, especially when the sun is at its hottest and the waters are heating up a little. The shelter offered by vegetation, rocks and structures will give the bass haven. Using plastic worms is perfect if you want to lure them into biting! If you use a boat then you may be able to track the bass first thing in the morning and should try the shallows when the water is getting a little warmer at that time of day. When the clock is closing in on midday then you might like to try the mid waters a little further out. Using crankbaits and jigs is a good idea in that area. You do need to make sure that you have a good idea of where the bass will be because you could otherwise sit there for hours.

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