South Carolina Bass Fishing

You can use some bottom bumpers or deep diving crankbaits when the fish are gathering by the points and humps. The shallows are always full of bass it seems. Many anglers find that the best fishing during the summer is around midday when the water conditions are just perfect for fishing the largemouth bass.

If you are looking for trophy bass, the Santee River is a place to fish. The key to fishing this river and catching the bass is the water flow. You can fish for largemouth bass from the salt water to the Wilson Dam. When fishing in this river anglers are using worm rigs and topwater lures. If you fish during the summer months, you might try a buzzbait or a Baby torpedo. The worm is going to work well because there is so much wood debris in the river. The different water levels throughout the year are going to make it impossible to target just one area of the river. You may have to move around to different areas depending on how deep or shallow the water is during any given month.

You are going to find that the South Carolina bass fishing is the best. The area seems to have so many lakes and rivers to fish that it is hard to name them all. The weather conditions do not really seem to affect the bass, but the water flow does. The baits are easy enough, you really only need a few it seems and you can catch your fair share of bass. South Carolina is a bass anglers delight.

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