How to pick a bass boat cover

*         Consider where you live and what type of weather the boat cover will be exposed to. This will help you choose the right material. If you live in a wet climate the covers made from acrylic or polyester in which the threads of the material were pre-treated is the best. These can breathe well while still providing the protection needed for this type of weather. Cotton fabrics will breathe the best but these are not water resistant. If the boat is not stored in a garage or carport then it’s recommended you buy a fabric that’s been treated with a UV coating.

*         Choose the right design. Some covers are designed for storage only and others are designed for use while the boat is in tow and some have multiply uses.

*         Look for a warranty on your bass boat cover. A good quality product will normally have a good warranty.

Most retail stores will offer you three choices which are the Universal, Semi-custom and the Custom. The universal covers are designed to fit a wide variety of boats as a one-size-fits-all type design. These are usually the cheapest. The semi-custom covers are designed to fit certain styles of bass boats so you’ll have to read to see if it’s recommended for the type of bass boat you have.

The custom boat covers are designed specifically for a certain make and model of boat. You can usually choose between the snap-on design and the tie-down design. Custom design bass boat covers are the ones you hire someone to make especially for you. These are the most expensive and they can be designed anyway you choose.

Once you pick out the bass boat cover of your choice, you’ll need to take care of it properly. The cover is designed to protect your boat but it still need to be cleaned off when it gets covered with leaves, water or snow. This will help to keep it looking like new so it can provide the protection you need for a very long time. Make sure you secure your boat cover or it won’t provide proper protection and it could blow away if the wind gets up high enough.

A bass boat cover is well worth the money you’ll put in one considering all the benefits they have to offer. They can help you protect your investment for many years. It will also protect the value of the boat in case you decide to sell it or trade it in on a bigger one later. Use the tips above to help you pick a bass boat cover that is perfect for your vessel.

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