How do you fish for smallmouth bass?

I’ve never fished for the Smallmouth Bass – can you tell me a little about the species?

The Smallmouth Bass is one of the three most popular subspecies of the Black Bass.  Smallmouth or Smallies as some fishermen call them do have a smaller mouth than the Largemouth Bass and their jaws do not extend beyond their eye.  The Smallmouth is more brown or bronze than the Largemouth and is marked with vertical stripes or bars on it’s side.  The preferred habitat of the Smallmouth Bass is deep, cool, clear water.  They tend to stick to areas that provide rocky structure and very seldom venture into ponds or lakes with stagnant water or a depth of less than 25 feet.  Smallmouth Bass also prefer to suspend or hold in rivers and streams with a moderate but not heavy current.  Fishermen will have the most luck finding them around heavy structure like boulders and beds of rock, fallen trees, stumps and bridge abutments.  They do not usually hang out in the heavier weedbeds where you’ll see more of the Largemouth Bass.  When feeding, the Smallmouth Bass will eat baitfish if it’s convenient but the main staples of their diets are Crawfish and aquatic insects.  Smallmouth prefer deep water and about 90% of them live in depths of 15 feet or more if it’s available.

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