How Do You Catch Fish At Caddo Lake?

What’s the best strategy for catching bass in caddo lake?

Caddo Lake on the Texas – Louisiana border is one of the best known lakes for largemouth bass fishing, and with good reason. They are plentiful and are certainly a challenge owing to their sheer size! However, the nature of the lake is such that you may want to formulate a specific stratey for trying to get a bite. Cado Lake has an awful lot of vegetation. In fact, it is 60% emerged and submerged vegetation so you may want to choose your spot wisely and plan for it as far as your tactics go as well. Many lures will get stuck and lost in the vegetation so you should purposely choose those that will move through the vegetation well, especially if you are fishing on the Texas side as over 95% of it is vegetation. A good weedless spinnerbait should do the trick. For the best results, fish in the early spring and use the baldcyress trees for cover because many of the bass will congregate around them. Also try fishing the many made fishing piers as well because the bass seem to love it there as well! The cooler waters are perfect shelter for the bass when the area is heating up! There are restrictions on largemouth bass fishing though. All bass fishing enthusiasts are subject to a 5 fish bag limit per day and also a 14-18 inch slot length limit. You may want to check out the regulations before you go to ensure that you remain within them because flaunting the rules could get you a ban.

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