How do I use a crankbait lure for bass?

What is a crankbait lure and how does it work?

A crankbait lure resembles a small fish and is designed to replicate the swimming motion of baitfish.  While most of them are wood or plastic, metal crankbaits are also available.  The crankbait lure will actually dive below the water surface when cast and as you pull it through the water, it wiggles from one side to the other.  The crankbait lure relies on force of the water on the clear plastic lip of the crankbait to project it under the water and in a forward motion.  This lip can be of varying sizes and angles.  You can also, however, use lipless crankbait lures.  The lipless lures have a flat front forehead in place of the lip.  Crankbait lures can be purchased commercially or home-made.  They are typically anywhere from a couple of inches up to a foot long.  The crankbait lure can have up to three hooks hanging underneath it and often have metal BB’s inside them to produce a rattling noise to attract the fish.  There are also crank baits that are made with a jointed body that looks even more like a swimming fish.  The crank bait gets it name from the cranking of the reel used to retrieve it once it’s been cast out.  The crank bait lure is extremely popular among Bass Fishermen.

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