How do I drop shot in deep water?

Can you give me any tips for drop-shotting in deep water?

It extremely important when using a drop-shot rig that you tie the hook correctly.  It should be approximately a foot and a half above the loose end.  I suggest using a Palomar knot.  To increase the probability of a good hook set, bring the loose end of the line back through the eye of the hook.  The result is that the hook will actually stand straight out from your line.  Then tie a 3/16 oz drop shot weight to the loose end.  In a very clear lake, you’ll want to stick with small bait which seems to work best with this technique.  Simple is better, you can purchase plastic bait but I prefer sticking with about a 4 inch worm.  When placing the worm on the hook, you can hook it right through the tip of the nose, leaving the hook exposed or you can actually place the hook through the center of the worm.  Either of these work well when you’re fishing deep water.  I prefer using a spinning rod for drop-shotting and tend to stick with nothing longer than 7 feet.  A 6 foot rod is actually my preference.  You’ll want to choose something that is extremely sensitive so graphite is usually your best bet.  When choosing your line weight and color, you’ll have to consider just how clear the water is.  In most clear water, a 6-8 test line works well.

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