How can I find bass in MA small ponds when they disappear as soon as the temperature rises?

Dan, I reside and fish in MA. Nearly all of my bass fishing is done from a small boat in small quiet ponds in the Berkshires. In a couple of ponds in particular bass are gone from all of those areas that are closer to shore that hold fish. Obviously temperature rose. Earlier these areas were filled with bass but when the temperatue hits a point they are gone completely. These ponds are small with some large fish. They don’t just disappear into thin air. Do you have any suggestions how to locate them (or increase my chances of finding them) without a depth/fish finder? All I have tried is to float and bounce plastics off bottom. Pretty tough method. If the ponds were larger I would not even think of asking the question. Bob

Fishing for bass in Massachusetts can be as frustrating as it is enjoyable, especially as spring moves into summer and the temperatures rise. The bass may appear to just disappear when it does start to get warmer because they are not as close to the surface and many bass fishing enthusiasts do have trouble locating them after they have moved. Unless you want to use a depth finder, this can be incredibly annoying, but there are other techniques you can use. For example, if you usually fish in a boat then try fishing from shore. Bass will head to vegetative areas and rocky outcrops when the weather warms up. As such, you might want to try fishing those areas from shore. Fishing from shore gives you a more deliberate approach because you can control your line much more. Trawling the line through the vegetation with a plastic worm is ideal for warmer waters. Similarly, you may want to try fly fishing if the shallow waters allow. If you prefer to stay in a boat then try trolling the waters at a rate of 2 knots with lures and baits at various depths. This will attract the bass no matter where they ae bt may be a problem if the area of the ponds and lakes is limited. If you cannot do this then use a buzzbait or a torpedo and fish at a slower rate. The vibrations will do all the work for you so that you do not have to! All of these techniques will give you a head start!

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