How Can I Catch Bass In Michigan?

EVERY time I go RIVER FISHING with my father n law @ saint joe RIVER in michigan, HE allways catchs the BASS, and walleye!!!WHAT I would like to know is what can I use & do to catch the BASS?? I have heard something about fly fihing for bass, is there a way to do that & if so how ??WE go to the RIVER , so I need some HELP on how to catch BASS!!! THANK YOU …

Michigan bass fishing action is some of the best you will find in the United States. The bass are plentiful, but that is not to say that you will not have difficulty in catching them. In fact, they can be quite slippery and extremely difficult to catch at times, especially in the winter. This is why you have to play to your own bass fishing strengths instead of comparing yourself to someone else. Experience is a factor that can significantly increase your catch rate, but that is not to say that a beginner will not have a good deal of success in those waters. You just have to tailor your style to the bass and the waters there. For example, using a weedless lure will bring you better results than using a weeded one purely and simply because of the amount of vegetation that is in some of the bodies of water. Also, baing prepared to fish a little quicker in summer is also a bonus. the action can get fast and furious so you should be versatile enough to tailor your style to the level of action during any given day. Fly fishing is also an option, but only if you have enough experience to fully now what you are doing nd how to draw the line in properly. A beginner should stick to regular fishing until his or her catch rate is up slightly. if you are having difficulties then try different lures before moving on to your technique. You may find a new lure will work wonders.

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