4 Great Bass Baits and When to use Them

These are the basic bass fishing baits that all anglers should have when they first start out. You can always add to your collection but using these in the beginning will help you have a productive fishing trip until you can learn the area better and discover what works the best in your specific area.

Basic Information about Bass Fishing Baits
The more you learn about the specific type of bass that you’re seeking out, the easier it will be for you to find the bait that work the best. The spotted bass might not be attracted to the same thing that the largemouth bass is attracted to. Therefore, you can make a better choice when you know which bass species you’re seeking out and what gets their attention the most.

One way to determine which baits would be the best to start off your fishing trip would be to look around you. Pay attention to the baitfish that is in the area. If you use bait that resembles the natural food source in the area you’ll always have good results.

It is important to realize that there are times when the bass is in a picky mood and they simply won’t respond to anything that you offer them. This is when you need to be patient and know that the next time you go bass fishing may prove to be the best one you’ve ever seen.

Never be afraid to experiment with different types of bass baits. You never know what will work the best until you try different things. A lot will depend on the area where you’re fishing, the time you go fishing and the weather. All of these things affect the way bass respond to the bait. What works one day may not work the next so experimenting is the best way to find what works the best in any given situation.

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