Give me some tips about spawming largemouth bass.

What can you tell me about spawning Largemouth Bass?

Largemouth Bass begin spawnhing when the water temperatures climb into the mid 50’s and continue until the temperatures top out at 65 degrees. Since lakes warm erratically, spawning will not all occur all at once.  Like their Smallmouth cousins, the Largemouth Bass will seek out spawning beds that have direct sunlight and are usually within about ten feet from the shoreline.  Unlike the Smallmouth, the Largemouth does prefer heavy cover provided by vegetation.  The depth of the spawning area is usually between 1-6 feet and is chosen by the male.  Bigger Bass will tend to spawn in deeper water and earlier in the season.  When choosing a spawning site, the male Bass will be the most comfortable with a spot that is close to a sunken rock, boulder or log or even a pocket of bullrushes.  They are usually looking for an area that will provide cover and is easy to defend.  They also prefer an easy access route to deep water.  Males will avoid building a spawning nest within less than 30 feet of other nests unless they do not have a visual line of sight.  If you’re looking for the nests, they will resemble patches of white or black on the bottom of the lake or river.

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