Four best places for bass fishing in Texas

It is hard to choose the best places for bass fishing in Texas, since it is known as the bass fishing state. Anglers from everywhere across Texas and farther call it the Lone Star State and “Bass Fishing Central.” It is really hard to find another State that has what Texas has in fishing. Even the bass elite series pro Bobby Lane was shocked by the size and strength of the bass in Texas. They really gave him a beating. He was quoted as saying, “I am glad to be getting out of Texas and back to reality”! Black bass are the most popular freshwater game fish. Most of the lakes in Texas can give you trophy bass but there are some that are better then others. There are over 100 freshwater lakes in the state which house crawfish, snakes and baitfish. It can be hard to determine which Texas Lakes are the best for bass fishing especially with so many varied opinions but it is narrowed down here.

Here are four of the best places for bass fishing in Texas:
The lake record for bass here is 15.68 pounds. This is a 64,900 surface acre reservoir that gets fed by the Rio Grande River. It is 12 miles northwest of Del Rio and at the northwestern tips of the South Texas Plains and the southwestern tip of the Edwards Plateau. Heavy rains and flooding in West Texas and Mexico in August and September filled the lake full for the first time in years. The rocky shallows are full of mesquite, hisache and vegetation. You will need a Mexico fishing license and boat permit to fish at Amistad. It is a great top water lake in the spring and fall and in the early part of the year fishermen deal with strong winds. However, there are many

coves that give protection and lots of open water that is dangerous for small boats. The Rio Grande is an abundant stream with baitfish and other bass. Fisherman can read the terrain and find areas that will hold bass. Crank baits will work and plastic worms.

Lake Fork
This is one of the best trophy bass fishing lakes in Texas. It is 90 miles east of Dallas and was built in the 1980s along a tributary of the Sabine River. It has 15 of the top 20 Texas State Records for Largemouth Bass. Lake Fork was made by the Texas Parks and Wildlife and has been stocked with 732,514 Florida Black Bass. It has an excellent fish habitat with 80% of the standing timber still there as well as hydrilla, milfoil and duckweed.

Largemouth bass and crappie at Lake Fork are under regulation. Largemouth bass are subject to 16-24 inch slot limits. Any bass 16 inches or shorter and 24 inches and longer have a daily limit of 5 fish. Only one of those can be more than 24 inches. Unfortunately, this Lake had a largemouth bass disease that wiped out many of the fish but they are re populating now. A great time to fish there is in March and April when fish move in shallow water to spawn.

Lake Ray Roberts
Ray Roberts is outside of Dallas and has a ton of big bass. Ray Roberts Lake is 2,000 acres of standing timber in the upper reaches of both major arms. It has rip rap along the dam at the South end of the main pool and 2,212 acres of floating and submersed vegetation. The white bass fishing here is the best in the spring during spawning and in the summer when the bass school in the main pool close to the dam. The trophy bass can be caught in February and March. The choice for bait in the colder months is a jig or jig and pig fished slowly in submerged areas. In the spring you should use the Carolina rigged worm or lizard in shallow waters. In summer try the vertical jigging in the standing timber. In June the bass can be found in the trees in 25 feet of water. In the fall you should use jerk baits, crank baits and spinners. White spinner baits are excellent in murky waters.

Lake Sam Rayburn
Here you will find 114,500 surface acres of the lakes popular game fish including largemouth bass. It is located deep in East Texas. It is an enormous reservoir that gets fed by the Angelina River and other creeks and bayous. It is a favorite area of fishermen around the State. The white bass here are limited but there is good fishing in the spring. There is a hybrid bass population that is kept by TPWD and annual stocking and is popular because of the fish’s growth, schooling natures and fighting abilities. Bass anglers are very successful catching largemouth bass during the fall, winter and spring months in this area. The water in this area is cool so the fish are more active for longer periods of time in the day and can be found in shallow water.

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