Fly-fishing equipment

What kind of equipment do I need if I want to try flyfishing for Bass?

The recommended rod for this type of fishing would be a lighter weight rod. The heavier the rod, the more difficult it will be to cast off. Bamboo, glass, or graphite fly rod anywhere form seven to eight and a half feet would work beautifully. The most recommended would be the graphite because it is lightweight yet sturdy and effective to get the needed distance. Use a line weight that is one over that which the rod maker intends to give a better control to the angler. The heavier line works the rod more than the angler. In the way of reels, a single action reel seems to be the way to go. Of course an automatic reel will work but if you wind up with a big guy trying to swim away from you, you’re going to have some difficulties stripping of line. You will have to do it by hand. Though it allows casting with one hand, the automatic reel is twice as heavy and carries the added worry of accidentally triggering it and ripping off your rod guards! The single action is lighter, and helps immensely in controlling and catching a particularly strong fish. The most recommended line for this sport would be bass bug taper by Scientific Anglers. It allows for accurate and easy fly casting in wind and in all directions. The leader you will be aiming for is a knotless leader, seven and a half feet long with a twelve to twenty four inch tippet. Knotted leaders can cause problems by tangling in the cover the bass use to get away and they collect various types of underwater vegetation. Tip and tippet should test anywhere six to fifteen pounds. Bass can be strugglers and you want to be sure that you can handle what you can catch without damaging your equipment.

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