Can you explain the terms “flipping” and “pitching”?

Flipping and Pitching are methods for fishing Largemouth Bass in extremely deep cover. These bass are generally very inactive and hidden in very deep cover such as standing trees, fallen timber and in some case heavy weeds. The first thing you need to concern yourself with is stealth. When you select an area to fish in this method you need to position your boat as quietly as possible. I have many time moved near my intended area with a trolling motor and then allowed the wind or water current to position my boat properly. Flipping is a very accurate method of fishing. You are attempting to place your lure right under the Largemouth Bass’ nose without him knowing you are there. When you cast are using your wrist only to “flip” the lure a short distance, generally about 15-30 feet at the absolute longest. I generally like to use a large jig when fishing in this manner. When you cast you want to make as little disruption to the water as possible. Try to pitch the lure in a manner that does not create a large splash. Quite often you will feel a strike as the lure drops. Flipping is usually done with heavy line, 15-25 pound test. You also should use a 6-1/2 ft or longer heavy action rod. Because you are fishing heavy cover you need to react to strikes quickly. The heavy line allows you to horse the fish out of the obstructions that can cause you to lose him. You are not interesting in playing this fish. Set your drag tightly and when you hook a fish horse it to the boat quickly. Flipping can be a very productive form of fishing. You will often catch your biggest fish in this manner.

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