Five Winter Bass Fishing Tips

There are anglers who understand that some of the best fishing is in the cold months and that trophy sized bass can be pulled up in this season just as easily as in the warm summer months. Many have wanted to try this but do not know how to go about this type of fishing because it takes a completely different skill set and fishing technique to be successful.When there is no ice on the lake, it is much easier to see where the overhangs and other habitat that the bass enjoy are located.You can use a fish finder on a boat to help find them too.

Everything is different when fishing on the ice.The following are five winter bass fishing tips to help you have successful fishing trips in the cold months:

Map the Lake – Before the winter months roll in, make sure that you map out the lake and the areas where you have caught bass in the warmer months.Just a basic sketch is enough to get you to the spots where the bass are located.

In the cold months, this map allows you to find the bass without using the natural landscape within the lake to do so.You can also call your local fish and game department and ask them for a map of the lake you want to fish at.

These can show the topography under the water so you can find the natural habitat of the bass and this gives you a better idea of where to drop your line.

Have More Patience – You need to realize that the bass are incredibly hungry during the cold months because there is a lack of food for them to feed on.

They go into a state of lethargy that lasts until the spring warm up.This means that while they are hungry, they are not active and take more time before they strike on anything.They need to be enticed and be offered a meal
that makes it worth the energy that they expend to pursue it.In the summer you use a fast reeling action to entice the bass, in the cold winter months you want to be more patient and slow.Allow the bait time to sit will slowly jigging it to attract the attention of the fish and to give them time to strike on it.

Choose the Right Bait – This is the most important tip when fishing for bass in the winter months.As stated above, they do not strike on anything that is worth their use of conserved energy.Also, they are more leery of unknown food sources as these would not normally be available.Choose the right bait and you are almost guaranteed a successful fishing excursion.Using larger lures that mimic the natural baitfish offers a meal that is worth the time and energy that the bass knows is spent hunting it down.

Warm the Bait – When you are using lures, it is very important to keep the bait warm so that it is easier to work with.The cold can make many of the plastic lures stiff and they are difficult to work with.You can keep them in
warm water in a thermos and that keeps them flexible.Another great way to keep the lures warm is to use a heat pack in a small cooler.You can even use the heat packs to warm your hands when you are feeling cold.

Take Care of Yourself – You also need to take care of yourself when you are out all day in the cold fishing.You may get wet so you want to bring some extra clothing and you should dress in layers.As you get warm or get wet you can remove a layer and either change it or keep it off until you get cold again.Bring warm drinks and soup to keep your inner body temperature up.

Hypothermia is a real danger when fishing in the cold weather and you never want to succumb to it.Never fish alone because you can have an accident and fall into the water and that can be deadly.If you bring a friend along, you always know you have backup.Make sure there is an emergency plan in place in the event of any accidents.

Fishing for bass in the cold of winter is always a great time to land some large bass and there is not as much competition for fish as there is in the warmer months.Make sure that you bring extra patience with you when fishing in this season as you do need it.The best advice is to bring a friend and to always take care of yourself when you are fishing out in the ice.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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