Five proven tactics for bass fishing in Michigan

Michigan is an excellent place to go bass fishing. It’s located in the Great Lakes region and it has some of the best fishing areas found anywhere in the nation. The bass is an exceptional species that any fishermen can seek out. They range in a variety of sizes and can be caught with even the basic set-up. If you’re after a trophy fish, some species of bass grow very large making it possible for you find and eventually reel one in.

It’s easy to lose tackle when fishing for bass so it’s a good idea to carry extra with you on each fishing trip. The bass is a strong species that have been known to break fishing lines and even snap a few rods into when struggle to get away. If you have extra tackle with you and an extra fishing rod, you won’t have to call it a day if this happens to you.

Bass Fishing Tactics
When fishing for bass, it’s recommended that you decide which species of bass you want to fish for in advance. The tactics used for a largemouth bass will be different than what you need to use for a smallmouth bass. Knowing which one you want to catch will make it easier to determine which bait and which technique to use when fishing. Nevertheless, there are a few tactics that will work no matter which species of bass you’re trying to catch.

Here are five proven tactics for bass fishing in Michigan that really work:
1. Some of the best lures to use when bass fishing include spoons, plastic worms, jigs, plugs and crankbaits.

If you’re fishing in clear water, use dark colored lures and you’ll get more bites because it makes it easier for the bass to see.
2. Switch techniques from time to time. Some anglers have a certain technique they like to use and they don’t try other methods but this is limiting the amount of success you can have. If you always cast out your line, try jig fishing or drift fishing to see what type of results you get. You may find that something different works better than you ever imagined it would.
3. Take advantage of the great fishing opportunities during the late fall and early spring. Many anglers hang up their rods and reels at the first sign of cold weather but the bass don’t stop biting just because the temperature is changing. They will get harder to find and they’ll be less active the colder the water gets but you can still reel in a nice catch before the cold winter takes hold.
4. Work on your presentation and learn how to use the lures correctly. Your presentation is the way you reel the bait though the water. If it’s presented in a natural way that makes the bait look realistic it will be more productive. On the other hand, if the bait is not presented correctly it will deter bites because they will not strike at anything that looks odd or moves in a strange manner.
5. When fishing in the summer, use surface baits. These include a selection of floating minnows, wobblers, buzz bait and poppers. These baits make noise and cause such a disturbance that the bass are attracted to it.
The tactics that you use will have a huge impact on the number of bites you get and this ultimately affects the number of bass you can catch. Take some time to learn as much as you can about the area where you plan to fish. Knowing the area has several advantages. It helps you determine where the bass would most likely be and it can make your fishing trip safer.

Michigan Bass Fishing Tips
When bass fishing in Michigan, pay attention to your surroundings. Look to see what type of baitfish is in the area and match your bait to this for the best results. When you find baitfish gathered together in a specific area, more than likely there will be a group of bass nearby. They like to stay close to their food source.

Take the time to go over your gear and make sure everything is in order and all your gear is in good shape

before heading out. This may seem obvious but many anglers take off in a hurry and forget items they need. For example, you may forget to change worn fishing lines or to take along a particular lure you planned to use. This hinders the success you could have had if you had taken the time to get prepared.

Bass fishing in Michigan is an excellent way to spend your free time and it’s something that anyone can enjoy. This is a sport that allows you to put as much or as little money on fishing equipment as you want to. Therefore, it fits into anyone’s budget. Bass fishing is a multi-million dollar sport that continues to grow in popularity every year. It’s fun, exciting and relaxing all at the same time.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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