Fishing a Small Bass Pond

Ok, I have a lake by me with its deepest area is about 6ft and shallowest is about 2ft. The lake is about a foot ball feild and a half long and a football feild wide. It’s kinda cold for north florida I’d say it’s about 50-60 degrees outside. Now it has bass in it and I use plasic baits and lures, but no out come. What can I use or do to help me get some out this pond without useing live bait????

Okay we are talking about an extremely small fishing pond here. My guess is if there are any Bass in this pond they have seen just about every presentation known to man and are wary of them all. There are steps we can take however. I would fish in the following manner. First you need to go light, as light as possible. I would use a very small open faced spinning reel with a superior well running drag system. I would spool the reel with two pound line or at the absolute heaviest four pound test line. You are fishing for Bass that are extremely wary and need to use the stealthiest approach possible. I would start using fast moving close to the surface lures in this pond and keep them very small. Small spinner baits, small floating crankbaits and small plastic worms would be the first three choices. I would start fishing with a quick to very quick retrieve to test the activity level of the fish. You want to trigger strikes quickly and not allow the fish to use its wariness to detect your offering. You definitely want to make long accurate casts to target areas. Do not make a large amount of noise and try to make your casts as long and soft as possible. Your mindset when fishing a lake like this has to be stealth. Light line, no noise and an approach that will not draw attention of any kind to your presence at all.

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