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More facts about largemouth bass

There are several facts about the largemouth bass that you may find interesting. That information can help you to improve your fishing strategy and to also have more fun with your outings. The largemouth fish is a type of black bass, and it belongs to the sunfish family. They are native of North America. This is the state fish of Alabama, and that is one location where you will find prime fishing conditions [...]

Four bass fishing tips for beginners

Bass fishing combines relaxation with excitement to create a sport that has a little bit of everything. Catching bass is an exciting experience that keeps you alert and on your toes. Most all lakes and rivers are accompanied by beautiful scenery that creates a relaxing environment where you can kick back and let the worries roll away for a while. When you combine the two, you can see why bass fishing [...]

Four bass fishing secrets that work on Lake Champlain

Bass fishing is a wonderful sport that gives you the chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery and Lake Champlain is one of the best places to seek out this species. There are over seventy Islands located throughout the water and over thirty tributaries leading into the lake. This type of environment is perfect for the bass to grow and strive so it’s an excellent lake [...]

How to become a better bass angler

If you want to become a better bass angler, you just need to have some basic information. Like anything else, the more you do it the better you will become. Trying new techniques and learning from others will help you out. If you spend all your time out there doing the same thing again and again you won’t improve. Set some goals for yourself so that you can monitor your achievements. It is amazing [...]

Arkansas bass fishing tournaments

There are some really spectacular bass fishing tournaments that take place in the state of Arkansas. If you live in this region then you should be finding out about them so you can attend. You may want to travel to this area so that you can participate in some of them as well. The internet is a vast resource for you to use from any location where you live. You can get information about the types of [...]

How can I find bass tournaments in ky?

How can I find bass tournaments in ky?

Can you tell me some facts about largemouth bass for my school project, please

Can you tell me some facts about largemouth bass for my school project, please?

What was the biggest bass caught in Mass?

What was the biggest bass caught in Mass?

How Many Rigs Are Too Many?

How many striped bass rigs do you take with you?

Getting the Jump on Stripers

What tips on catching striped bass can you share with me today?

How to Nail Striped Bass Anywhere

Can you teach me how to catch striped bass?

Catching Striped Bass Anywhere

Have any good striped bass fishing tips?

Soup du lure….

Which striped bass lure do you use most often?

Where the Stripers Are..

I want to go stripped bass fishing on our next vacation. Where are good parts of the country?

4 smallmouth bass fishing tactics to use in Indiana

Smallmouth bass are some of the most energetic and challenging fish to catch. This is what makes them so incredibly appealing to all types of anglers and Indiana is a great place to reel in a nice catch. The Smallmouth didn’t get their name from their overall body size so don’t think these guys are tiny. They get their name simply from their mouths being smaller than their counterpart, [...]

Best places in southern California for bass fishing

Southern California is one of the best places in the world to go bass fishing and it’s the home to the smallmouth, largemouth, stripers and spotted bass. Most anywhere you go fishing in Southern California will produce bass but they’re more plentiful in some areas and grow bigger in others. A diverse group of anglers fish for bass because they’re an excellent species for anyone from [...]

Four striped bass rigs and how to use them

Many anglers seek out striped bass because of their size and the battle they will put up when hooked. The challenge they offer is incomparable to most gamefish due to their size. This species can grow to be very large and this makes them quite a challenge. They can weigh in over one hundred pounds and one of the most amazing things about this species is that you can find them close to the shore. Striped [...]

5 new stripped bass fishing secrets

Striped bass fishing is thrilling and invigorating due to the size and strength of this fish. They are the biggest fish in the bass family with some of them weighing in over one hundred pounds. If you’re a serious angler looking for the chance to reel in a trophy fish, this would be a good one to seek out. When you catch one, you’ll be accomplished quite a feat. It would certainly be something [...]

4 striper fishing techniques for outer banks

Stripers are an incredible species that can be found around the Outer Banks located off the coast of North Carolina. They are a true bass and they’re the largest one found in the bass family. Sometimes they’re referred to as striped bass. This popular game fish is recognized easily by their color and markings, which is olive green with 7 or 8 distinctive horizontal stripes running down [...]

Five bass fishing tips and techniques that work everytime

Most of the really large bass are caught in deep water. There are several techniques you can use to reach deep-water bass. One of my favorites is a ‘Drop-Shot’ rig. A Drop Shot is simply a finesse worm technique that is rigged with a plastic worm or small shad type bait fished on a #1 wide gap hook tied approximately 18 to 24 inches ABOVE a 3/16th ounce weight attached to the end of the [...]
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