Do you have any sea bass fishing tips?

I’m having trouble catching sea bass…do you have any sea bass fishing tips?

Sea bass fishing is extremely different to regulr bass fishing and can be extremely trying if you are used to pool, lake or river bass fishing. Not only is the environment extremely different, but the sea bass is a completely different species with very different habits to largemouth or smallmouth bass. The one skill that most good and experienced bass fishing enthusiasts have is tailoring their style and method to the individual bass in question. To succeed when trying to catch sea bass, you have to do just that, and the tips below will help you. First of all, try fishing from piers and the shoreline. In spring and summer especially, the sea bass will stay near sheltered areas. They usually seek cover during the daytime and can often be found underneath rocky overhangs and in vegetative areas. Fishing tight to these areas, as well as gullies and any other features that your local shoreline has will bring you a greater chance of success. Rocky aeas are particularly popular hangouts for sea bass. Secondly, you should not add too much weight to your line as this will almostcertainly ake it too deep. Instead you should add a little weight and allow the line to move slightly with the tide. This will cause a natural movement that will attract the bass quickly and easily when they are active and will intrigue them if they are not (in winter for example). You may also want to consider the time of day that you are fishing at. You will find that you wil have a greater catch rate if you fish either very early in the morning or very late in the evening. This relates directly to the movement and activity, as well as the feeding habits, of the bass. Casting your line in the same place between three and five times before changing its location will also help you.

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