Do you have any advice for getting more hookups when bass fishing in the weeds?

Do you have any advice for getting more hookups when bass fishing in weeds?

Bass do love lurking and hiding in the weeds. You have to use the right techniques and lures to attract the bass in the weeds. The first thing you need to remember is variety of lures and bait is needed when fishing the weeds for bass. You may have a good day or two using one lure and then the next time hit nothing. If you are not willing to change lures regularly, you will get in a rut and lose so many excellent chances of taking home the bass. Your tackle box needs to contain many different weedless lures in different colors, actions and sizes. For hole fishing use a weedless surface lure with a slow wobbling motion. Cast pass the hole and then reel the lure in slowly, placing it right in front of the hole. Wiggle the line a little and stop. After a few seconds, give it another wiggle. If nothing bites, bring it in a little more and sit a bit. Hole bombing is another way to get the bass. Use a slip sinker and drop in right on top of the weed beds. Vertical fishing is the only way to fish for bass in heavy weeds. You need to use the drop and sink technique. Drop it right in the middle of the weeds and keep it right in the strike zone. Use some soft plastic worms and spoons, shiners and a jig and small minnow to catch the bass. You can fish for bass in the weeds and have a day with your bag limit.

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